Tawheed – The Belief in one God

The Importance of Tawheed

The arabic translation of tawheed is Oneness to Allah.

Whos is Allah? Allah is Ar-rabb!

The most fundamental principle in islam is Tawheed, The belief in One God, Allaah is the Rabb of everything we see around and that which we do not see, like Angels Jinns and other creatures.Allaah created the Angels from light, and Allaah created the Jinns from fire.
All the Angels worship Allaah, and don’t disobey him in anything. From the Jinns, however, are those who believe in Allaah and are Muslims, but from them there are those that don’t worship Allaah, and do not believe in Him, they disobey Him, do evil things, and call people to evil. Their leader is Shaytan (Satan).

Allaah created me, and Allaah created you, and all these things which we
Allaah gave us many things, and gave all people everything they need. Allaah
provided for us. Allaah gave us life, and He can take it away. Allaah gave us
sight. Allaah gave us the air we breathe. Allaah made me alive, and also made every living human
people alive. He is the one who gave them life, and Allaah can make me die. He
can take my life, and He can take the life of all people.
All what we have talked about is Ruboobiyyah (Lordship).


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